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Original Post:
by: artsmarc on Feb 05, 2020

Hello I am new to this forum. Not sure if I should've posted this on a different board.
I believe that my sons have been attacked by some sort of demonic black magic to destroy their lives and set them against me and my wife. I will not go into details of events because it will take time but we are seriously thinking that someone from my wife?s family is using black magic on my sons. I am from the UK, my wife is from India where the use of black magic is quite common.

At the moment the main thing we wanted to discover is if this is indeed black magic and if so, WHO is behind it. We know nothing about magic spells and don't have much desire to get involved. But we wanted to employ someone to find out who is doing it... does anyone know if there are common procedures for such divination? I was hoping it would involve our sending several photos of her family members (and perhaps a few random photos of people we don't even know to make the diagnosis more convincing)
Can anyone suggest how to go forward from here?
Thank you.