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Original Post:
by: ambystomaM on Sep 30, 2019

A while back I had a dream of someone using what I call "red magic" to either heal or bring someone back from the dead. It's kinda hazy since it has been a few years but I remember a bunch of red, red fabrics, red candles, red around the eyes. It was very bright and cartoon-y in a way. It definitely wasn't blood. It has been at least 3 years and I still can't figure it out or shake off the idea of it. The reaction I had in my dream was despair and relief at the same time as this person was brought back or healed to a great measure. I don't think it was a positive force at work. Is it something tangible? Something practiced or is it just my mind messing with me? Fabricating things that aren't real?
Any information would help me out greatly and would put me at ease.
(also I hope I have put this in the right discussion board)