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Original Post:
by: throwaway123 on Jun 21, 2019

hi, this is just a throwaway account as i lost my regular accounts information recently. i have a problem. i think i have something astrally attatched to me or in my head and i dont know exactly how to get it off? this has been going on for a bit now, id say a few months or so. i havent been able to focus erll at all, like my heads been clouded and its hard to think straight. i keep hearing bad things coming off of this constantly. when i tried meditating all i saw was this sort of sentient black goo on top of my head. i tried prying it off a few times and it went deeper in. same thing for the back of my head. i just poked it an dit recceded far back before i tried anything. im at a loss here, i tried meditaing again and have seen it again and its physically affecting me now. what should i do? hope im posting in the right thread