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Original Post:
by: ringofash on May 03, 2019

Made an account here after checking out the site over the years and I think I have something pretty weird. Not sure if this is the right place to put it but I'll go for it.

A few years back I bought a necklace with a black crystal, nothing expensive or professional. The same day after hours of wearing it, a woman (who had harassed and robbed my grandmother) was also harassed and arrested in my street. I had been viciously angry at her for the weeks prior, and then to have that happen was an odd "coincidence". Me being young I was freaked out and took the necklace off, thinking it had some odd curse attached. More recently, I wore it and something bad happened to someone yet again. This time it had been my friend who I was angry at for many reasons at the time, one being her ignoring me. Later she gets a nasty injury on her hand and her family has a terrible falling out. I decided to stay away from the necklace since. Every time I wear it, someone I have negative feelings toward has something bad happen to them to varying degrees, and nothing ever happens to me (unlike most cursed objects, which usually affect the person who's encountered them).

Is it cursed in some way? Or am I just happening to have these events take place the day I choose to wear it? I haven't been able to find anything anywhere about this kind of situation, so I'd appreciate some insight or advice.