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Original Post:
by: CuriousQuest on Jan 28, 2019

So this is a bit tricky to explain. When I was a child I would often have dreams that didn?t make sense to me. I would dream of feeling safe and being with someone at peace, but not knowing who this person was, but they were often present in my dreams. When I turned 18 I met a man who showed up at my door and when I saw him I was speachless like I was being hit by a ton of bricks and this was some big event. We ended up dating and I stopped having those dreams, but would get gaint d?j? vues and the more we hung out and he moved in I realized he was the person from those dreams. One night we were lying listening to a drip coming from the ceiling and we said at the same time ?I had a dream about this? we have a child now and we both had dreams of one another before we met. We both still get these d?j? vues. I know this may seem strange and all, but I was wondering if my anyone on her has experienced this or knows about it or knows why this my have happened?