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Original Post:
by: User545331 on Jan 28, 2019

So, another major question I have for everyone is, does the number '46' have any particular meaning or significance that anyone is aware of?

The number '46' is popping up constantly, almost non-stop, to the point it has become quite disturbing and freaking me out. This has been happening since 1996. Literally, every waking hour it shows up at least a few times, ofttimes it will show up even several times within any given hour. Examples include: every time it is 46 mins. past the hour, I somehow always happen to look at the clock, every time the power charge on my smart phone and tablet read 46% I happen to check it. When I served in U.S. Army, the unit on base I was supposed to have been in '46th Engineers". Frequently when I check the outdoor temperature, all too often reads 46?F. Heating something in microwave, almost never fails, I happen to look at timer and my meal has 46 seconds time left. Receipts ( anywhere on receipt) Totals when making a purchase or a return. Paperwork of various sorts. Bills. Many many times where seemingly magickly, my eyes will "automatically" gravitate to '46' somewhere in the midst of something I'm reading or looking at which may be jam packed with words and numbers - too often it feels like my eyes gravitating to 46 included somewhere in that stuff literally identical to how a compass will gravitate toward polar/geomagnetic 'North'. The list goes on and on and on......years ago I used to believe (mistakenly) maybe 46 is a lucky number. Nope. About 5 or 6 years ago, I began getting this strong deep-seated gut feeling that 46 may represent the age I die. That gut feeling has never went away, and has actually gotten stronger over time. And how I feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually after all the sheer, utter "Hell" and torture I mentioned being put through in the previous 'thread' for entirely too many years now, that I would not doubt it for a second if '46' represents when I die. The demonic attachments and/or curse/s and/or possible past life bad karma - whatever it is, I feel like it is slowly killing me, literally. If this is true, that would leave me less than 5 years left. I'm totally ambivalent about it; on one hand, 46 yrs is awfully short lifespan (though could be worse), on other hand, in light of the suffering, torture, and Hell things have been for many, many years now....I would almost welcome death. That is, of course,unless somehow I can get to the bottom of what all I am up against and dealing with, and any possible solutions to it, so I can actually "live" and not be stuck in this perpetual, neverending "holding pattern" of not moving forward despite whatever I do, and the literal "Hell-on-Earth" I wake up to and re-live each and everyday.

Does anyone have any differing thoughts on this number '46' showing up everywhere constantly??

**Please Note: Honestly, I am not out in search of a 'pity party', sympathy, NOR attention. So, please do not misunderstand nor misinterpret my words or intentions here. The same is true of both my 'threads' I wrote tonight, which is ONLY that I wanted to put my real-life "horror story" (well, more accurately 'autobiography' of sorts) out there, and that maybe some of you are kind and compassionate enough to voice your ideas, your thoughts, opinions, etc and could maybe advise me on what I may be up against, and hopefully can advise me what course/s of action can be taken for answers and solutions to all this......

P.S. To give you even a vague illustration how bad all this is: if I were forced to choose one, out of two methods of torture A. The torture these spirit attachments and/or curse/s/and