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Original Post:
by: S.Baron on Jan 03, 2019

Couple years ago i was reading "A Witches Bible" by Janet and Stewart Farrar and came across a term for a pair of goggles called "Kilner's Goggles" that could potentially see ones outer aura and other layers. Naturally i was interested in this and researched what i could and came up with some interesting information. Walter Kilner was a electrotherapist born in 1847 and was one of the first people to to write a book about aura's called "The Human Atmosphere" which was published in 1911. The whole idea was to find a way to heal someone using their own aura or someone else's, he goes into detail about each person's aura and how unique each one is to another, how some people have amazing aura's and some people have little to none.

What interests me the most about Walter Kilner is his study on electromagnetic radiations and how to use his goggles to train the eye to see what can not normally be perceived. With help this was done using colors, dyes, and types of exclusive material not easily obtained. "Kilner's Goggles" paved a way to help understand the "aura" despite the skeptics and ridicule. Potentially "Kilners' Goggles" are a stepping stone to training your own eye to see someone's aura. Despite my research in the subject, i find both good and bad sides to Doctor Kilner's work. The good being the idea of training your mind to see aura's much faster then our normal procedures. The bad being if the goggles actually work and are considered a liable source for learning about the human aura. As always i would be interested to know someone else's research on Kilner Goggle's and if anyone has purchased them or something like them and how useful they actually are, blessed be!


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