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Original Post:
by: Teran on Nov 10, 2018

I have been trying to find information on something for many years. It's a long story so please bear with me.
My father-in-law passed a few years ago and when he was alive sometimes he could be hard to love. Retired cop, alcoholic,abusive,always right even when proven wrong,etc. But I was told he wasn't always like that. In fact, it wasn't until his stepdad passed that he became like he was. From what I've been told, his stepdad was the same: abusive, demanding, controlling. He didn't become like that until he came home from the army. He was one of the soldiers who helped liberate the concentration camps of Hitler.
I think something attached to him when he was over there and then it controlled or directed,or influenced him for the rest of his life. When he died, my father-in-law was holding his hand when he took his last breath. After that, he became someone unrecognizable. Years later, when my father-in-law passed, my husband was holding his hand when he took the last breath(history repeating itself).
My husband is one of the most selfless, considerate,sensitive men ever. Nonconfrontational, easy going, never looses his temper. Right after his dad passed,within a day, I saw a change in him. He became sarcastic, hateful,very selfish. Not hubby at all. We had talked about his dad and stepdad and attachments and how I can feel certain things many times over the years,so things weren't unfamiliar too him. I noticed a change right off but have him time because he may have been processing grief. After 2 weeks though, things got out of hand. He became obsessed with fixing a car of his dad's. After badgering me for hours, I went for a ride in that car. He scared the poo out of me. He looked at me and I didn't recognize him. His eyes were black and his face was barely resembling my husband. As soon as we got home and let him relax he became himself again. I told him what I saw and what he had been doing for the last few weeks. He didn't remember any of it. Afterwards, we prayed and he said out loud: " get out of me. You are not allowed in me or my wife,my home, my yard,my animals,anywhere near me. " it worked. However this thing was very pissed me. His sister lives next door to his parents who lived next door to us. At her home one day, my hubby grabbed my arm. When I looked up we were in his parents backyard. He said i but up started mumbling and walking. Ignored him and just walked and I didn't remember it. Another time we were walking thru the hard and something body slammed me and held me down. Hubby said he couldn't move me. I couldn't move, or breath. Felt like something sitting on me. Hubby called out to his dad,granddad,uncle, and my dad ,all who have passed, and the weight lifted and I could move. He said he saw my body stop suddenly and my feet came off the ground and I landed face first on the ground. After that we put black salt around our house and between the yards and I don't go in that yard.
Now the really bad part is i think it has moved into my brother-in-law and nephew that live with hubby's sis next door, where bedridden mother in law also live. Brother-in-law 's health is declining and his personality is changing,etc and 30something nephew is changing too. They don't believe in the things we do so having them right it off not possible. Has anybody ever heard of attachments like this, ones that "keep it in the family"?