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Original Post:
by: 666Nope666 on Aug 06, 2018

Reference link :

I've been debating on doing the Dry Bone Ritual, not for the 'game' aspect, but to test to see if it's real. However, with the link I provided, there is no information on if I can use/burn sage, dragon's blood, or frankincense to protect myself. I know the ritual is summoning a ruthless creature, however when I summon other spirits I can use protectors like such. Also, will I be able to bless my house, after the ritual, but before the wish is granted? Will that have any effect on the wish (or my desire)? Another thing, whom/what am will be summoned with the ritual? Has the name of the entity been discovered, yet? I know with rituals and spirits like this you have to be specific with your desire, and be clear you want no harm to any one (human and animal), and you don't want it to back fire on you. When Sam Golbach did the ritual, he desired 100,000 followers on Instagram, the very next day after he received his 100,000 followers on Instagram, he was locked out of his account. He also, didn't do the ritual right; you're supposed to stay in your hiding spot, and not move around. Could the back fire be due to him, moving around. He also doesn't seem to think what he messes with is serious. I know these spirits deserve respect, and shouldn't be treated like a toy. Sorry for so many questions, I'm just curious.

PS I do not wish to disclose my desire, sorry. Personal desires.