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Original Post:
by: PunkMixerHD on Aug 01, 2018

I made a mistake. I told someone who I grew to care about a lie. Over time I builded up that lie. I made them believe that what I was saying true. Soon my guilt took the best of me and I told them the truth, I want to go back in time so I can stop myself from telling that lie. I cry every night hoping that they could for give or even forget me. I want to tell the truth without being scared of what a person will say. And I hate myself for not being able to tell the truth in fear of hurting someone I care about. And I?m afraid of what they will say next. I want to be loved so much that I lie to make myself sound like I?m perfect for the person. How can i help them forgive me and or forget me with out feeling bad about the good memories we had?