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Original Post:
by: Fhaerie on Jul 10, 2018

So this was kind of a dumb decision but I wasn?t thinking it through, but basically I did this spell to get someone to agree with me. It was basically supposed to make them agree with me or do as I said. I cast it because someone refused to clear me for soccer this year and I wanted them to give their permission for me to play. I need to make Varsity and its going to be my way into college. So I was supposed to cast the spell, and get them to agree to clear me. But instead of them listening to me, now they are disagreeing with me, not just about soccer, but for everything. And I mean everything. Now, they literally will not stop arguing with me and now they disapprove of everything and since I?m a minor, they legally have control over me. The spell pretty much made it 10 times worse. Can anyone give me advice on how to reverse it, or fix this?