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Original Post:
by: andreDavis on Jul 10, 2018

When I do most of the things that I do day to day, it's important for me to have a reason to do it. I need to know why am I doing the thing that I'm doing. My importance for it is that I need to know my options and if I can discover a more efficient or pleasant approach, I will experiment.

My readings about rituals and spells have not shown me much reason to follow the instructions and without that, the act seems trivial. Part of this is from my belief and very novice level of understanding of magick in general. In short, I believe that magick is internal energy (for each of us) that is directed as desired.

I'll use the Relaxation Ritual as an example. This has shown up in my research several times, each with in depth instruction. I have performed it for the sake of following instruction. I have not seen a reason given for it other than to relax. In my mind, the other reason would be to practice focusing on energy manipulation.

The Golden Ball of Light starting below the feet (as it's described from one source) immediately falls outside of my idea that the energy I'm working with is internal. The energy focus part of it seems unnatural for me.

However, I feel my energy in a white aura originating from my chest and expanding, almost like an inflatable costume. My focus is much more defined. As I continue with my own version of the ritual, I am relaxed and I'm working the energy in a controlled manner.

So, let's take this further. My questions to all comers is what is the importance of following instructions for rituals and spells? How much does intent come into play? How does a belief affect results?