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Original Post:
by: veeree on Jun 30, 2018

While I was at work today, a man whom I had never met came through. While I was preparing his order, he asked me if I am "a witch" and mentioned that he could sense the energy from me. Normally I'd think of this as a coincidence, but considering I had just made my first attempt at enchanting my ring (at home, in private), I was slightly concerned as to how this stranger knew/had such a good guess.

He was creepy, I guess -- he might've even been high or drunk. Touched my palm for a bit longer than ideal when he paid me for his order. In fact, he was acting so strangely that my manager actually started watching the interaction.

I'm probably just reading too far into a crazy person happening to ask a random question at work, but I can't help but be concerned as to whether this man could present a threat to me.