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Original Post:
by: User532443 on Jun 22, 2018

Greetings. A new face here. Call me Sufian. Well...I skipped the introductions (thread)to emphasize this more broadly. People often keep wandering...looking for their correct paths to follow. People go deep into things; they read for hours. they practice for days and finally, when feel satisfied, they follow it for years : for a lifetime. Hence, paths determine our way of life and the life ahead of us. Today I will be sharing mine, and how it changed my life.

Now sorry to thwart the bubble, but I was already introduced to my religion since my birth; but I was released like a bird...trying to find a way (a reason) to live. Years went by, and one day I discovered SoM. Here it all started. It was 2010, and early SoM was never like this! When I first came here, I was enthralled by all the opportunities SoM had to offer me. I was engrossed by all those 'shape-shifting' and fantasy spells and I was on it like a curious cat. I browsed for days and months...trying to find a brink of hope to fulfill my ambitions. I had ideas that opposed reality, and I fought with it for a very long time. Finally I had to settle with the fact that being a 'mediocre teenager at day; were-wolf at night' was far from possible.

As you can see here, my beliefs shaped me. I was under a belief that I could tweak reality on my will, and this made me a half-witted, deceivablecharacter. At last, I made up my mind that I will learn true magick. I swam the sea of knowledge, and finally put my wisdom onto work. I wrote . I wrote a lot of things about Gods and Goddesses of different paths like Greek, Norse etc. I first wrote about Athena, as her identity intrigued me. I worked with her, and then proceeded with others like Aphrodite and Artemis. I worked with them for months...and delved deeper and deeper. Yet, I was never settled . Something clicked in me, and I always felt edgy. On 31stDecember 2017, I stopped it. Then I started to focus more on my religion. Even though I am a Muslim, my path and my beliefs are different. I don't compare myself with others.

When I kept everything apart and concentrated, I felt like I was actually living. It felt like I was someone important and that I finally got to live. Everything around me felt heavenly, and I could finally find a meaning to life. Life surrounds my religion...and I feel like I can finally sense everything. These things opened my eyes, and at some point it felt like I should give up everything and focus on this only. It was a sensation greater than anything in life. Whether my luck pushes me further or away, I will always stick to my religion, and I feel more happy and full of life.

Bottom line : I am not saying that practicing other religions are bad. I am just implying that,when you get these feelings, stick to it. This is your path and your life now. Feel motivated, feel unique. If you ever get these feelings, that means that you just found the meaning to life, and I recommend you to proceed with this until your soul departs. Love yourself, and love your path accordingly.

Sorry for such a long text. I summarized it as much as possible. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you!