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Original Post:
by: Tiphony on Jun 08, 2018

Back in college me and a few friends of mine tried reading auras from websites and other resources we found. We sat in a well lit dorm room on the floor with one of my friends sitting against a white wall. One of my friends was very skeptical and didnt believe in any outside or divine energy of any kind. I am sensitive and receptive to everything around me. Anyway, as a stared in the center of the forehead of this person without any thoughts in my head really just concentration but not too much concentration, my vision and focus became weaker and i was able to see raw energy projecting from the persons body almost like a shell but in the outline of thier body sense. When I say "weaker" i mean that my focus was on thier forehead but it wasnt the center point, and everything surrounding it was. The energy was primarily dark green with other colors that i couldnt make out or didnt stand out as much. It was circulating, like crawling around the outline of thier eyes, nose, brow, and lips and traveling back up again. The crawling energy was so active and persistent in thier face that it actually created a mask on thier face with thier normal features hidden. That was the first time i ever consciously read someones aura and ill never forget it. It was the first time of seeing spiritual energy instead of just feeling it. Energy is real and that same energy that circulates your face and projects from your body is the same energy that is in every single life form or organism in the universe. Harnessing this energy and energy found in nature and the universe is a big part of manifestation and literally giving and recieving energy. I told the person that i did infact see thier aura but i never told them what colors i saw. I dont think they believed me even when i told them i saw their aura. But thats ok. I knew, I saw, I believed