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Original Post:
by: bambience on Jun 04, 2018

I was wondering what other people thought what my dream could mean? About 2 years ago, my grandma passed away the night before my Birthday, and we were very close. I mean, she was like my second mom. We recently had a new addition to the family. My baby cousin was born. She would've been her 5th grandkid.

In my dream, I would meet her inbetween the physical world and spirit world. When we met it would only be for a short time. Time as we knew it would stop, and each time I saw her I would fill her in on everything going on in real life, mentioning my baby cousin, that I was soon starting my senior year of high school, ect. On my last visit with her, she would tell me "I have to go, I'm in pain." She said it as if it physically hurt her to make the efforts to speak to me and see me. I wrapped my arms around her and sobbed, begging her not to go. Of course, she did.

I'm not sure if this was her spirit trying to convey a message to me through my dreams, or if it was just my brain coping with the loss of someone close and them not being there for all these important things in my life. Your input is valued, thanks!🙂