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Original Post:
by: TheCrafter on May 15, 2018

Greetings All,

First time posting here and I wanted to ask a (very loaded) simple question;

Do practitioners really / meaningfully use Spell books?

For context around my questions, here's the loaded part of why I ask.

I've made all manner of things in wood, metal and leather mostly. A few years ago I made a dagger and sword with some very specific instructions on how they were to be made. I can tell you it was a total pain in the posterior and as a non-practitioner of any of the magic arts, a very unusual set of requests. The point of how I was to make them was to ensure they were firstly 'cleaned' and then imbued through the crafting process. I essentially ignored the eccentricity of the request because it paid well. Yes, I know I know...

Then out of the blue the guy came back last year and asked me to make two Spell books, with essentially the same instructions but a massively tight window to make them in.

Now what I thought was just a fun crafting commission has me intrigued. I've read through some things here and over the internet and the steps to follow seem legitimately important in context of your practices and the considerations you have over artefacts and items you use.

If needing a thoughtfully and correctly crafted Spell book is a thing, I'd be interested (mainly for personal reasons) in making a couple more now I know 'how' (hopefully).

However, may I restate the question;
Do practitioners really / meaningfully use Spell books?



(Just re-read my post, apologies if the above all seems terribly vague and mysterious. I'm not a practitioner or member of your wider community and mean only the greatest respect. I'll be sure to post more once I get a better understanding of things.)