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Original Post:
by: Iranaryluch on May 08, 2018

So, I have had pretty regular use of this for a while, I call it limited energy manipulation. If I ever feel the need I can typically do a few things; reroute my stamina to a burst of full normal strength for a short time (usually adding to a longer recovery time later than if I just whittled myself down to empty), negate lower levels of pain to being instead weighed against my stamina pool, rapidly regain stamina with a brief uninterrupted focus (seems to work better with more people around), and channel hits to have more impact behind them with less speed/physical effort. I used to do kickboxing and while you could chalk some of it up to conditioning at the time, this has persisted into my life now(10 years later and quite out of shape). There are a few other aspects, but we'll stick with those. Some of it involves creating certain...hmmmm ...marks(?) in my mind to get a full proper effect, but most of it is almost second nature.

So the questions are, it magic? Is it something else? Is it fluff (as people seem to enjoy calling things)? Has anyone had similar occurances?