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Original Post:
by: callyum on Mar 13, 2018

i had this dream awhile ago. my friends think that he may be my mate spiritually speaking, but idk.on the first dream it was more of a memory i had forgotten. i was in kindergarten and i remember seeing him following me around as a silhouette. i could only ever see his eyes. his left eye was blue and his right eye was red. i felt like he was protecting me, as he never tried to do anything bad, but when a kid went to say something in my dream they seemed to look behind me then walked away a bit scared. the second dream i had was when i was in a white room and all of my family members had lined up side by side. i was going down the line kissing the forehead and hugging each member. when i got to the end of the line the demon was there and he full on kissed me. like really passionately. what do these dreams mean? i just want to see what other ppl might think of it.