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Original Post:
by: Yugen on Feb 26, 2018

So I have discovered that i'm an empath. I know what it is and what it pertains but there is not a lot of information regarding specifics, ergo i have questions (oh so many questions...)
Here are a few...

1.) is it normal to "catch a high/drunk"? even when i'm completely sober if someone else is 'up' there' then I will be too.

2.)I write fiction stories and of course my characters have emotions. Is it odd to experience there emotions fully while writing?

3) Every single time I listen to even slightly sad music i want to cry. Am I experiencing the writer's emotions, the songs feeling, or the emotion of the people listening to the song?

4)can emotions pile up? like in my 3rd question. Can the emotional representation of multiple people all cram together in one mess of feelings?

Thank you and blessed be.