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Original Post:
by: got_music on Jan 10, 2018

ok so last night I had a strange dream.. I was outside, at my backyard. in real life, deep in the backyard we have a river that goes by in the woods. not a creek, an actual river. you have to walk downhill some to get to it. anyway, in the dream I had to actually walk uphill to get to the river. I went through the woods, and stood beside the flowing water. I remember the sun shining so bright high up there, unlike how it was in the backyard, where it looked darker and stormy.

I kept putting my hand into the water, feeling the water flow, and I was talking. no one was around me, except for a few animals here and there in the distance. I was talking to the goddess, as mother earth, saying how much I love her and thankful I am for her. I remember the whole time feeling so much love and happiness, and feeling loved.

in real life, I am a wiccan. I see the earth as pretty much part of the goddess herself. but lately I have been going through hard times in life (I even left another forum thread one time asking for people to pray for me and my family) and going though very hard times has kinda made me stray away from my faith and practices. for some reason I feel like this dream was a sign of something telling me to come back to my practices, or saying that everything's going to be ok. what do you all think this dream could have meant?