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Original Post:
by: darlingleo on Dec 29, 2017

Hello to all. There was this dream i had a little while ago and it is still stuck with me. I do understand that not all dreams have to have a "meaning" and that is not what i am seeking to hear, however, i would like to know if i should be worried or if something is after me in terms of bad energy. I had a dream that a little imp/devil was chasing me all over my town. It looked hideously realistic and the dream was very realistic. If i could describe it, it had a dark green/black skin tone and was very skinny. It would know if i was hiding anywhere, no matter how good i was hiding. The dream lasted for what felt like ages, as in the dream it was a span of a whole week of running away. I was terrified but conquered my fear to burn it and had to have someone help me by holding it by its arms and legs. The setting of the dream was old England and it was gloomy and dark. I am also wondering if anyone reading this has had a similar dream. Thank you to any with insight and for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it.