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Original Post:
by: Lonleykitty on Dec 28, 2017

So, my dream last night really disturbed me, and I feel like it means something, but I don't know what. So, there's this guy I have liked for around 6 years, and well the dream included him. Basically, the entire highschool got like flooded, and these weird monsters and government agents were like, capturing people and all that good stuff, but then I fell through a hole in the wall, to a place with a few other kids in my school. There was a girl who is like, one of the popular girls (Who no one besides her friends ever talk to, so I really didn't care about her presence), the guy I like, another blonde hair girl (Who i have never seen before), and then just a bunch of other kids that like, aren't important. Well, there was this black box, a large one, that kinda looked like a large closet. The blonde hair girl went on talking about the myth of it, about how supposively when you go in it, you exit a little later, and kiss the one you love the most. (She also said something about "But since you were under a trance, it supposedly didn't mean anything" but I didn't listen to her when she said that, so that might not be exactly what she said) Well like, this octopus arm came out, and started dragging her in, and she was like "Yay! Oh, Tyler come with me!" (Tyler is the guy I like) (I'm pretty sure this little blonde girl was portrayed as his little sister, because I know he has a little sister) And he was like "No, come on, get out of there." But then he got dragged in too. When he came out, he walked over to the girl right next to me and kissed her (the popular girl). I flipped, and ran out the hallway for like, awhile in the dream, and then came back. Then, they were all talking, I walked over to Tyler who was now like, hidden underneath this large couch thing, because the government people were about to search the room. I was like "Wait, I don't have anywhere to hide." and he was like "Here, come in here, look, there's a perfect place." And so I went to crawl under, but then the box's arms reached out again, and pulled me in, and then I went into the box. It was dark in the box, but then these like, arm things like, pierced my brain, and some purple swirls came out. And then I left the box. And I started walking towards Tyler, but then he was like, "No, not me. I just kissed someone." And then I fell off the couch, and then like, "Woke up" In a way, and like, forgot about it. (Me in the dream forget about it, not me personally) And then these people came in and dragged me and Tyler to a car, in a safe place, and then I woke up. It was really weird, and I'm not so sure about... my life now. (That seems a little over dramatic, but he literally just got out of a relationship with my Ex best friend a couple weeks ago, and I'm not sure what to do, or what this dream meant)