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Original Post:
by: MrGoodLuck on Sep 10, 2017

Well if I'm going to be honest, I've never really believed in karma but something just doesn't feel right. Although it could just be my conscience pricking me for all the bad things i have done.

Probably best to mention, if karma is real then i will have stacked up more negative karma in these few years than 10,000 people would do in a life time.

Things are going very wrong this year, i could write a list longer than my arm of all the problems that have come up.

In the last 3 weeks alone i had a 100mph motorcycle crash which i surprisingly survived. Then the surgery got infected with just a 13.4% chance of it happening, it also isn't responding to any antibiotics currently. On my day of discharge i had a visit from the police wanting to seize my dog then my disability benefit got sanctioned 3 days after.

And thats just in 3 weeks. Am i being paranoid here?