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Original Post:
by: newhope777 on Aug 23, 2017

I dreamt I was getting married to whom I did not love. I was getting some kind of benefit though I did not know what.

Her profile was important, Her dad, also some sort of a high priest was walking with me when he grabbed me
Chanting these words in my ear. Each time he chant, his voice got more androgynous and high pitched, as I spanned in a circle.

When I woke up I searched the word, which i never have heard of before. The first things that popped up was a picture of
a spell caster saying "what spell to use" as a caption.
The picture next to it said "Love is eternal".

I felt this was way too much of a coincidence, but what does it mean? I asked Mora if I was cursed, she said yes. I ask if it was money. she said no probably not.

I asked if it was about love, she said yes.

That further made me think more.

Any notes, comments what do you guys think?

Thank you.