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Original Post:
by: theocipher on Aug 10, 2017

This deals with the concept of: reincarnation, demons/negative spirits, and talking to spirits.

Okay, so let me explain.

I have this friend who recently found out about my practice, and as such he asked me if I could help him contact someone who passed away in his life. He was really upset, and since I've done this before and spirits aren't that taboo to me, I told him that I would try my best. Honestly... I was completely skeptical that I would reach this person, because of how she passed and how long it had been since her death. I'm pretty certain she would have already reincarnated by now.

I tried anyway, for my friend's sake.

So, at 1:00 AM exactly, I got everything set up, and started a simple ritual...

In the middle of it, I was joined by an energy... But it didn't feel friendly at all. I thought this was weird because I was calling out to a very specific spirit, AND I had cleansed the room before starting. I asked it if it was the person I was looking for, and it wasn't. All they told me was that I wasn't the one they had a problem with, and then the energy disappeared from the room.

The whole thing left me really drained, so I called it a night and closed the circle--but, I'm really concerned. I haven't spoken to my friend all day, because I don't know what to tell him.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could mean, or why this negative energy interfered with the ritual? I know that it could have been by chance entirely and meaningless, but... It just didn't FEEL that way...