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Original Post:
by: RowanHawth on Aug 05, 2017

In my relatively short time on this site I've noticed a mindset of sorts that everyone seems to cling to, it's not a bad one so please don't get offended anyone. A lot of other practicioners are stuck on following set paths that others have laid out before them. Now, I understand the human's innate desire to feel as if they are a part of a whole, we are social creatures after all. What I don't see often is people who are interested in truly diving into the nature of the forces we attempt to work with. I guess the most realistic way I can explain my main thought is this: Why is it that we can advance further in physical technology yet not in magickal studies? I've been hesitant overall to look on the internet as it's not often the most reliable for information and I haven't yet seen any books that delve further into this topic. If anyone else is interested in this then feel free to reply, or if someone has any books they'd recommend that touch on this subject, I think that would be helpful both to myself as well as to the community as a whole.