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Original Post:
by: Aerce7 on Jun 11, 2017

Ok so first things first, hello. I usually don't run across problems like this but lately i've had a string of bad luck and don't know really where to start finding a solution. Before i tell of my problems though i do want to mention my cousin's bf almost got crushed by his car while fixing it 2 days ago and that was the same day my recent bad luck got worse. I've lost all the money i had in my wallet at walmart but not my wallet, haven't felt well at all to the point of near-vomiting etc, couldn't attend a trip that I planned for my family because of grandmother issues and me being a nice person, had trouble with getting the dogs to pee which usually is quick, had neighbor issues, lost my phone, had sleeping issues, found a dead crow in our back yard, and that's just the stuff in the last 2 days. The list goes on with the strange activity but it would be too long. Any suggestions or offers of help? Things have gotten pretty violent lately with the strange activity and i worry for my family rather than myself.

ps. I have nothing else to work with except for sage and salt as far as ingredients go because we haven't restocked due to a lack of extra money...