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Original Post:
by: Divinius on Apr 11, 2017

Music is something that has an ability to affect us greatly. For centuries and millenia we have been expressing, enjoying, and creating music. Why is it that music has this affect on us? I will go into detail as to why I think that is so.

Music also has this profound ability to alter how we feel, how we experience something in the moment, and it also has the ability to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. It also leaves a deep impression on our memories, as much of our taste in music is due to one thing or another. We relate to certain types of music, or genres, because of these things. They have a certain impact on ourselves, and that impact can cause anything from relaxation, to getting pumped, to a good dancing tune that you can enjoy two stepping to. Music alters how we experience the world and act accordingly because it changes how we perceive frequencies on a deeper level. This can be easily proven because there are songs that can make you cry, and there are songs that can make you laugh and grin like an idiot. Why is this? The world is exactly how we perceive it to be. This can be more easily explained through the youtube link on my profile or here:

What I'm trying to say is that we perceive different genres of music to represent something because of how we relate to it, whether in a positive or negative way. When you as a practitioner and as a witch can know and understand this, you unlock the ability to use this to your advantage. For example, say your best friend died. You could go on to feel dead inside for however long until you realize on some level you need to get yourself together, or you could practice the age old tradition of letting it all out. Put on some music that you know will make you feel something, and let yourself cry. Release it all and let music and the way it changes your perception of the world help you with doing just that. Music has this ability, but it can only be used to it's fullest extent if you start by recognizing it.