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Original Post:
by: WitchofEarth on Mar 11, 2017

Hello everyone, I have been using meditation to try to find out what my true name is. For those who don't know a true name is in simple words: the name of the soul of a being, it is believed that if someone knows the true name of another that they would have power over them. If anyone has every read the story of the Goddess Isis, where she created a snake either from the sun god Ra's saliva and mud or something else and mud, Isis had the snake bite Ra. This caused Ra to become sick, Isis told him that her magic could heal him but that she would have to know his true name. Ra eventually gave in and whispered into Isis's ear his true name. Isis did her ritual and spoke Ra's true name, Ra was then healed but at the same time Isis gained power of him. If I'm not mistaken I believe that's how Isis become associated with the sun or something like that. Please keep in mind I'm trying to tell this story in simple terms so it's easy to understand. Now I have found a name through meditation. But I'm wondering if I did it right. I had faith when I used meditation to find the answer and I still have faith. What I'm wondering is, for a true name is it an actually name? like seth for example. Because when I learned about true names, I always though a true name was something that wasn't a word but a string of letters that make a sound such as Nekwaheew for example. Also Nekwaheew is just something I made up as an example. I've been open minded about both ideas of a true name being an actual name and a string of letters. Does anyone have any insight into this matter? Thanks