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Original Post:
by: Ioakeim1 on Sep 02, 2016

I am Extremely confused. I want to become more devoted to Hindu goddess Kali. I have an idea; having her picture somewhere and the incense wil be going to that picture. However, on every pic she has, she is standing upon Shiva.... I'll give you a few examples:

Here is one with the babe that Shiva tranformaed-according to the myth-himself to a baby...:

The story is large, I'll make it short: In this picture Shiva stoped Kali from destroying the whole world, after killing a powerful Demon and saving the whole world and herself included. Her tongue was stuck out for the amzing huge amounts of gultiness she had.

I cleary want to devote my self to Kali, and not Shiva. However these are from the best pics, and Shiva is included while I want to devote myself to Kali. Also, during my devotion I'm going to light up Dragon's incense; Kali's incense. I'm going to let that going to the pictures, but is that offering going to go to Shiva as well, as he's in the pictures?