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Original Post:
by: Purple04 on Aug 13, 2016

Three days ago i had a dream of being a wife of a Angel.

In the dream i just came back from arguing with my mom. I was walking and then i stopped and closed my eyes automatically. When i closed my eyes i appeared in this place with a goldish pink background and clouds and a person in front of me. My hands reached for his and i grabbed them and opened my eyes and the guy was in front of me with gold angel wings. We started talking and he asked were he was and i said that i brought him back to earth. He seemed confused at the point when i told him that he was dead. He asked to go back and i closed my eyes again and appeared back in the weird place again. The angel disappeared and was replace by another one. This time i was grabbed and the angel appeared in front of me when i opened my eyes. He said that i had a special gift of dragging angel to earth. This one seemed to know me really well and said something about being his wife. Later on the angel was beside me in a store and he hid his wings. There was a carseat in shopping cart and i had a internal love for the baby that was inside. I asked the angel to watch it for me while i look for food and he said he didnt know how to take care of it. I said that it shouldn't be hard because he was the father. I think i was the mom. The angel didnt really like the idea of watching the half angel. He tried to pull me aside but i wouldnt listen to him. The angel walked away with the baby. When i was done going food shopping i found the baby in front of the store and the angel was nowhere to be seen. When i left the store the angel had a negative energy around him and he had a sharp object in his hands. He was about to hit someone when i woke up.

What does this dream mean. Is it more symbolic or close to truth. Please reply back i can use the help.