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Original Post:
by: MagcianWill on Aug 13, 2016

Sorry i didnt know where to post this so im just gonna post this here

Today i come before you showing the world that Magick does exsist ,

But with that said i come from a place no human can ever withstand and after successful completion of certain task

of a life so misserable no human being can ever experience what i went through , and how far i got
to get the gifts i have now

So i decided to show you the Universe of my design , and what i have in store for this world

Today marks the day of the very first human being ever to show the world that Magick Does indeed exist

And i invited you all along the way to see what happens next

After i learn a couple more things im going to call myself

A 4 horseman

im also a

Jedi - Mystik

With that said Enjoy World - I know you will

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