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Original Post:
by: User447934 on Jun 05, 2016

Okay, so I was giving a lecture today and I briefly presented the Hermetic principle of Duality to todays listeners. I will attempt to type the dialogue for the lesson.
"Okay, so let's go over the concept of duality, duality in my understanding is the dual nature of something, so things like this for example; hot and cold, slow and fast, hate and love, etc. But where does heat begin or end? Where is slow defined?
From personal experience, I can state that I believe the area that I live in is hot, to me it is hot. But for someone who lived in India for example would claim that the weather is mild, or cool. So in this case there is no duality, other than within the limits of mind and illusion. What is hot to one may be cold to the other, and vice versa. But then when we reach the area of love and hate is when it gets rather interesting. We find that not only is there a surreal and overwhelming at times feeling of love, but there is its dual nature, hate. Duality. This is the only time the law of duality (in a non symbolic or metaphysical state) has true pressence. I can say that I love my girlfriend more than I do the idea of segregation (which I hate). So there are the dual states, but the interesting part is that I can not understand where the states begin or even end. Do they even have such restrictions? I say restrictions because if love is to have either a beginning or and end would mean that it is finite, and it does not have an eternal pressence. But with hate I can not say the same, hate comes and goes, it's a naturally low vibrational state, and it simply can not exist within the same reality as love, which is the universes natural resonance within the beings of an earthly and advanced sociological nature. So is hate even the dual nature of love? What is something that has no beginning or end? Where do they end or start if they are not infinite?"
That is all I can share about the nature of duality. But feel free to post your thoughts :)