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Original Post:
by: SpiritDreamr on Jun 02, 2016

I'm super new here (few days) and to witchcraft (3 mos.). I did make an introduction post today. From it you can learn some personal information about me. And, information that can give you insight into my history with New Age, metaphysical and Native American studies and experiences. Also, you will find an explanation of my journey into witchcraft topics and my level of interest.

I need some ?experienced? advice concerning research I've been doing the past 3 mos.

My concern is that I've found some inconsistencies in the online materials I've read. I understand that there are websites that are more authentic and reliable than others. But, I'm not sure which is which because I've only been researching for about 3 months. I?m on my own and not had any direction from experienced practitioners, or anyone for that matter. So, on with my questions...

1. Can someone who knows, guide me to well-respected websites so I can see if I already have them bookmarked or so I can visit and bookmark them.

2. AND, the reverse, please let me know of the websites that are known to spread misinformation, have a bad reputation or known to be fraudulent. I want to make the best use of my research time and I don't want my mind cluttered with inaccurate information.

3. Because I live on a disability income and am 4 hours away (one-way) from the closest metaphysical shop that carries needed supplies, I'm forced to make purchases online. I have found several online stores, including Amazon and Etsy sites, but again, do not know which one?s are reputable and offer the best/cheapest prices or specials/sales/ close-outs, etc. If anyone can recommend some good online shops that have a good reputation for selections, low costs, quality supplies, good customer service and efficient delivery, I'd appreciate having their info.

4. Finally, again, because of my limited income I cannot afford to buy the many beginner witchcraft and correspondence books that are commonly recommended on the many sites I've visited. I live in the Bible Belt and the public libraries do not carry witchcraft books or correspondence books. (Or many metaphysical books, for that matter.) I'd be an idiot to ask for witchcraft books through inter-library loan. I live in a very small, ultra-Christian town. So, I'm wondering if there is an online ?trading program?, or something of the like, for witchcraft books or even supplies? Does anyone know if something like that exists?

I don't know how much I can offer to members here, if anything at all, as I'm so new to witchcraft history and topics. But, I do hope to learn from all of you and look forward to, hopefully, making friends. And, eventually being able to contribute helpful information to others and being able to engage in intelligent conversations about witchcraft topics.

And, thank you from the bottom of my heart, in advance, for any advice you can share. It will be very appreciated.

Spirit Dreamer