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Original Post:
by: Nodnarb1122 on May 21, 2016

So I have amassed a large collection of websites that offer free books to read online. These books are pdf that you can view in your browser without a download. The topics do vary from Magick,Mediation,Esoteric,Grimoire's,Divination,Astrology,Occult, and so much more.

I sometimes share these links with members through messages on the website. But I was wondering if I could also reply to peoples post's with a free read that may help answer a question and or help them learn.

Or is this against any rules at all on spells of magick? if not can I make a post in forums with several links of free books that may help others answer some questions they have/learn and develop there craft. With people also sharing there favorite free online reads with others in this post as well.

I am asking because some sites frown upon sharing free movies,books, music online.