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Original Post:
by: seranna on Apr 30, 2016

I been married for 10 years the last 3 years my husband daughter and mother in law have been causing conflict with our marriage. We never argued always talking doing things together. I knew he was my soul mate. Since his oldest moved to perth and lived with us for a year she has been controlling him and so his mum but his mum was no trouble until his daughter came into the picture. His mother moved out last september now living with his daughter, but since then he also moved out the marital bedroom , living in the same house, there is no talking or doing things as before. He know tells me he may be gay and his mother and daughter told him they knew all the time. I know and feel that he is not and that he is only been controlled by his family. He is a very caring person never had his mother approval in his life and his family are very much in control of him. I want to help him to become himself again. I am prepare to loose him as a Husband but I am not prepared to have him miserable. Can I help him?????