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Original Post:
by: Scopt on Apr 20, 2016

I came across an interesting method of casting magic in a work of fiction the other day. The gist of it as an idea is to cut out all imagery, and just focus on the pure will. I am of the impression that sometimes when we teach magic in a Wiccan coven at least, we tend to put a little too much emphasis on imagination and imagery, when the actual fuel of the spell is the will to make a change. The imagery makes it easier and more powerful to begin with, but is such an inefficient process really the best way to cast once you know what you're doing? Also, having seen some systems of magic that actually resemble the real thing in anime and the like, I wonder if there are actually any other works of fiction that could influence magical thinking in the same manner, or maybe are written by witches themselves to explore further into their own thoughts on magic?