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Original Post:
by: Ciplbilher on Apr 06, 2016

I was wondering if it was possible or logical at all to influence the probability of something happening strictly through willpower. I was stuck in traffic today for a while while going to school (I wasn't driving, of course) and got the idea of attempting to move it forward via willpower, sure enough, as soon as i tried hard enough and each time it stopped and i did so again, it moved on ahead. I was wondering if this was actually me influencing it or if it was just a coincidence.

On a side note but on the same subject, once when i went with my dad and his friend to go and sell furniture out of state, the clutch in the truck was damaged i think so the truck was going very slow (Below the minimum speed limit) i got this same idea back then (This was also previous to me learning about magick) so i focused on the wheels of the truck and willed them to go faster and to press harder to the ground so they wouldn't stop gripping the road, and just like with traffic, the truck sped right up past the top speed limit for pretty much the entire 5 hour trip (With just a few slow parts here and there) So were these me influencing them with willpower alone? or was i just willing these to go as i did coincidentally at the exact moment they did what i was willing them to do?