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Original Post:
by: wizard01 on Mar 08, 2016

So I have read a lot of articles saying that once someone opens their third eye, they will begin to see into other planes of existence and also see spirits, demons and other non physical beings. I have a few questions on that tho;

1)Are they beings aware you can see them?
2)Can they attack you?
3)Can you touch them?
4)How can you communicate with them?
5)Can these entities be trusted?
6)If asked, can they help you? i.e to find an item you lost or locate someone who's gone missing?
7)Does opening the 3rd eye attract these entities?
8)What are some of the "Cons" of opening the 3rd eye?
9)Can the 3rd eye be activated and deactivated at will?
10)Does opening the 3rd eye make you more open to demon attacks?

Thanks in advance.