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Original Post:
by: Jarronn on Feb 23, 2016

The way I see the world, is everything is one. Everything is unity. Information is what energy is made of, so it fuels everything, is everything and was everything.
The elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air are a result of the Elementals who ultimately became these. The Iron War was started when humans tried to drive out Faeries who ultimately were trying only to show humans they were wrong to falsely accuse.
They were falsely accused of trying their level best to harm the babies. They were only trying to bless the children so they may see hear smell taste and touch, ultimately Know that faeries and spirits exist.
The Faeries then refused to help the farmers for a while until they realized their mistake and learned from it. Then, the farmers out of fear, doubt and ignorance having forgotten the Faerie's lessons, Blamed them for loss of crops for the season.
After driving these soulful, divine beings out beating them with iron tools, and abusing them, many of the mis informed human beings out of fear and their experience which was false and not understood at all, wrote stories of "Evil" Faeries and beings that destroyed and reeked havoc on humans.
Humans are fast to judge and fast to mis understand. Many Faeries before this time had children with humankind. These babies had gained balance and power unknown and mis understood.
So, these children were shunned. Humans need to open their minds, hearts and souls to see what is seen and not a mis interpreted version of what they think Trolls look like, as Faeries can look like even a simple dragonfly.
The reason for my bringing Faeries up, is that humans are fast to judge other humans or facts they don't understand.
And that was an example. :)