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Original Post:
by: Nexillia on Feb 22, 2016

I just wanted everyones opinion on things you create or get for your own spiritual practice. Is it wrong to make a tool or item for your own practice using unnatural materials? I have some people say if it's not made from natural material that it has no magickal energy. For example maybe you want to decorate a wand so you use artificial leather or craft store gems and dyed feathers to make it the way you want it vs using real leather, natural crystals, and cleaned unaltered feathers. Does it matter? Do you think one is more poweful than the other? Or do you think it's just as poweful because you took the time and energy to make something that feels right to you? Or if someone doesn't have resources to get certain items so they use what they can find and what they can obtain to get a similar result, is it wrong? Using man made crystals or dyed, irradiated, metal treated crystals for healing and magick, does it give it more potential? Or does it take away it's effectiveness? Or does it give it a new meaning or life?

I know these are all questions bunched together, but I appreciate anyone who would take the time to answer and share with me what you think of these questions and tell me how you feel. Thank you everyone! c: