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Original Post:
by: vacantelite on Jan 30, 2016

On Thursday evening last I had to call my bank. The initial stage of the call requires going through a few menus. I was thinking 'OK it's just this bit, then select on the next bit and that should put me through to an agent.' I went ahead and that's what happened. But something weird happened - I had totally forgotten about the step where I validate my account number, and it never came up even though I got put through to the agent.

Anyway the agent got audibly extremely nervous and told me I would need to confirm account number and PIN. I ended up having to call back twice more after realizing that generally you would always have to follow that step. The next 2 agents I spoke to performed a load of security checks, confirming personal details and checking to see if my account had been blocked

Sounds like some kind of computer glitch, but do you think magic may have come in in some way? Asking because it feels like the reason the missed step never came up on the phone was because I wasn't expecting it to... as if will got manifested. I think I've seen stuff like that before just can't remember examples. From the bank agents' reactions seemed like it was something highly unusual for them...