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Original Post:
by: Lightning2 on Dec 24, 2015

I am looking for a way to invite a friendly ghost or demon to my house and have it as best friend, or brother/sister.

Since I said friendly I must know what is friendly. But since I can't meet them personally, I would like to make clear during the ritual that only friendly spirits are welcome. I also want this spirit to help me to some things but only as a brother, sister or best friend.

Also, I need a banishing ritual if I want to banish the spirit. But I don't want then the spirit to be mad at me at all.

Please NO answers like "This is too dangerous, you will get haunted and in big trouble" or "It's not a good idea, do you know the dangers of it?"..because they REALLY piss me off, and I don't have the time and day for this kinds of answers!