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Original Post:
by: FireFree on Dec 15, 2015

Since i was a young girl i used to sense things and see things no one else could, e.g. my mum broke her ankle, she snapped the bone into two and i healed her with my hands.
I knew from a young age that i was gifted and special. But as i grew older i got into christanity, the religion is a beautiful one but i grew out of it as time went on.
Anyway before that, sadly, my church told me that 'the devil' gave me these gifts and that i should be cleansed from them. Because i was very much into it i agreed and they prayed my gift 'away'. But i now know that it wasnt taken away from me it was just turned off for awhile.
Even though i tuned down my gifts for awhile i could still feel emotions of people when i was walking around my town and also still sense when spirits where present.
Anyway i hope i havent babbled to much and my question is do you have any tips to help me with my meditation and any other tips and tricks. xxx