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Original Post:
by: Sawman21 on Oct 28, 2015

So long story short their has been a bunch of activity from spirits an energys in my house past month. Last night we had a paranormal investigators group come to our house cause we want to know wht the spirits wanted an why they are their all of them are harmless except on that is a really strong negative energy.No we did not pay them anything they were legit. I meet on of the member that was with the group, she saw my amulet an tld she was studing wicca to. She gave me a jar of what she called Black Salt an said that it obsorbs negative energy am that i would have to pour it outside after so long but she didnt tell me what to do wit.Do i jus set it somewhere an how do i know when it needs to be poured out. Do i sprinkle it through house like i do for regular salt for protection like the door ways and windows.