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Original Post:
by: poiug on Oct 01, 2015

o i was in the process of awakening my third eye,doing that i proceeded to meditation.
as i was meditating i saw an eye coming off what i don't know then being covered on my whole head. next i blacked out.Dont know why but i opened my eyes(physically) but they were weak so they closed.. Then suddenly,like quick stuff,, i saw a huge Eye above a mountain The Eye was The sun o was infront of The Sun...not sure...

it was difficult to look at this huge eye due to brightness it had,but i forced to look.
as i was looking something like a Human was next to it,tried to zoom my eyes to this person but My eyes(me) were taken inside this Eye....inside this Eye i was moving through a round pothole which was had many bright colours on its walls(rainbow like)
this pothole was moving and moving with twisted turns..then it stopped and started spinning above me.....thats when i freak out...then physically woke....

interpretation is needed please