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Original Post:
by: Classified06 on Sep 04, 2015

After you have studies on your subject of study begin light like with healing and meditation.

How do you meditate?

Well its simple really most do this in different ways you need to find the right method for you. What i use is a focus point and clear my mind on that one spot, but you can also go into a quiet room and trun all the light off, or you can go outsode and walk on a tril and meditate around nature which to me is quite refreshing because you get the "pure" energy that way and it will take all your negative energy away and will help you feel relaxed.

Well what if i cant meditate?
I used to think this about myself for many years until someone pointed me in the right direction anytime you focus on something and go into a void you are meditating.

Meditation is probably the most easy thing a new spell caster can do its also a good method to control energy and thoughts.

Healing is a little bit more comlex than meditation but not by much. What i did was i chanted a spell and as i watch my wounds began to heal rather quickly. All you need is your energy, belief in yourself, and visualise that it is healing the wound.
Its also a good thing to learn because not only will you be able to heal youself but others as well. I have been practicing meditation and healing for many years without knowing it lol.
Also when makng spells for healing make your own its much stronger because it comes from you and your energy.
Oh yeah welcome to SoM and blessed be
P.s. Hoped this helps