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Original Post:
by: Quill on Aug 14, 2015

It took me awhile to figure out whether posting this was a good idea or not. Seeing as how dreams are should i say, uncertain. They can shift as easily as sand and are never as they seem when it comes to meanings.
This is about a recurring theme, though, and i wanted to look to you guys for ideas - as i suppose some of you may recognise things i have not.

Now, i will be speaking of two dreams for this post, since all of them may confuse the topic and the members that want to help me out.

The first one is, to me, the most important.

I beleive it was "triggered" after sharing conversations with a person who was helping me grow in my journey a bit. I was researching alot, and though meditation was not a habbit, i was still trying to acheive a clear visualisation in order to be better at it.

I am still unskilled, but hey, practice makes perfect.

The dream itself started out with myself, half nude and covered in a black furry blanket. I was walking down an old sidewalk with many tree's, and cars were speeding passed. I remember being scared, but i don't remember why i was out there. After a few moments of walking, (something happened that i forgot,) a lady picked me up and began running (gliding?) with myself in her arms, bridal style, and clinging like a scared child. I kept begging her not to go, and to not leave me alone (i think i said "again" too, so maybe i knew her?) and she kept repeating that she'd be back.

Then she dissapeared.
And i fell, unable to move as the sights began to black out.

Some things to keep in mind is that in all my lucid dreams, my body eventually stops working. I just "faint". The woman was not human. She was nude, but tall and very very fast. She had long dark hair and pale skin; I didn't look up to see her face.

The next dream is something that, unlike the first, recurrs alot. I will wake up, but not be completely awake. It is more of a lucid dream or astral projection. I will hear children laughing, or singing. Once i heard a woman speaking, "I know your scared right now, but..." before hearing the growling and snarling of a wolf. I once heard a deep voice who's words i couldn't understand. At one point i gad gotton up, fearing for my life, and ran for my bedroom door before "Fainting" again. I don't know why, i just was awash with great fear.

Then i woke up.

The seccond dream, while i dont always get up, is often, if not a common occurence. The other is something i did not understand but actually wish to happen again, because the strange woman felt very very close somehow.

If any of you guys can explain this in any way, that would be great! I'd really appreciate it.
I'm sorry if this is confusing, i wrote it at 5 am on a spurt of "oh my gosh i have to ask!!", eheheh.