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Original Post:
by: LyricAsteri3 on Jul 14, 2015

Ok so a bit of background first:

I was raised by a Christian mother and an Atheist father. They were obviously divided on how to raise me. I ended up not being raised with any type of spirituality.

I originally became interested in Paganism in 2002 when I met a girl in treatment at an eating disorder treatment center. She was pagan.

Over the next decade plus I kept my interest but never got serious about any type of practice. Until I got diagnosed with Cancer when I was 33 (2013).

I battled Cancer for almost 2 years, during which I felt myself more drawn to developing my pagan path.

I've been cancer free for almost 7 months now, and have gotten more serious about learning & practicing.

To me it fits. It feels right and natural.

Anyone else have a crisis that was the true beginning of your path?